of Silly Faces
Ministry of silly faces is a doodle collection of profile photo tokens representing reality funnily. The silly faces are you, me, or even politicians, celebrities, your teacher, or even just a person that passes by you today.
Ministry of silly faces is a collection of NFTs created by the Anastasios Chatzipznagos. This collection is made up of more than 120 handmade unique NFTs. The works represent a fundamental character that changes expressions, races, customs, and accessories. The artist, throughout this project, is expressing the truth that all humans are the same and equal and at the same time unique and special but always having the silly thought that we are better than someone else.
You can admire "Silly Face Robocop," "Silly Face Geisha," and "Silly Face Clown," but not only ... some of them are associated with an accessory that will make them even more unique. But it doesn't end here! 😎
The Ministry of silly faces is here and is growing!
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