2D Characters for Nistikes Apostoles
On the first days of April, we were invited to create 2D characters for the "NOYNOY Gouda" action "Nistikes Apostoles" (
It's a game targeting kids, but not only (we enjoy playing it).
The task of the game is to help investigator Gouda solve the mysteries of milky toasts Gouda NOYNOY, find the clues, define the suspects, and find who is guilty throughout recorded sound stories.
The main characters are those families:  The Sportides, The Gadjetos, The Lexakis, and the Investigator Goudas. It's an online game that can be played on a browser and tabletop.
The deliverables were the main characters' design, some decorative elements for the TV ad, the characters and scenery of the mystery stories, and the animation of the back-to-school video bumper.
The directions were, in a way, simple: big expressive eyes.

So here we are... A wonderful experience and a beautiful project to do our favorite thing: cartoon characters.

Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide Athens
Executive Creative Director: Panos Sambrakos
Creative Director: Chrysanthi Papastafida
Digital Copywriter: Fereniki Mirtelli 
Art Director: Alexandros Mavrogiannis
Web Designer: Andili Rahouti
Group Account Director: George Xintaras
Account Manager: Katerina Tachtara
Chief Technology Officer: Manolis Mavrikakis
Lead Developer: George Alatzas
Senior Web Developer: Akis Makris

Main Characters

Sportides Family:

Gadjetos Family:

Lexakis Family:
Inevestigator Gouda:
Characters & Scenery
Interactive Characters: 
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